The (Small) Business Budgeting & Monitoring Tool...coming soon!

ridgebone allows you to model your revenues, costs, investments and funding structures to plan your respective budgets and sales as it serves your individual needs and purpose best and to make sure it really adds up.

Because it's YOUR Business! And your business (idea) is as unique as yourself.

Maintaining your corresponding ledger of all your transactions with ease (applying the workflow of your choice) not only provides you with a powerful overview of your numbers, but also makes sure you are on top of things as you see any deviation from your budgets at a glance.

With the ‘Open Item Module’ you never miss a due date and make sure your clients don't forget to pay you neither.

Managing your cashflow and payments will be easy with the ‘Liquidity Modul’ which considers payables & receivables and upcoming incomes and spendings alike.

Monitor any KPI that matters to you. If this was webpage visitors, bookings, support requests or Facebook likes. Every number that has an impact on your business will be in one place.

The ‘Forecast Module will show you where you are heading if things go on as planned or turn to worst or get to the best or anything between.

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