Budgeting & Monitoring for Small Businesses

Online. Bespoke. For You.

Does it add up
When turning to your numbers you have two paramount questions: “Where am I standing?” and “Does it ad up?”
At ridgebone we are dedicated and devoted to help you finding the answers to these questions and their ruling factors with both:
an outstanding tool and personal services.
We do so, driven by the believe that transparency of the numbers and awareness of their assumptions and implications are more important for young and small businesses than for anyone else.
We also believe, that your business (idea) is as unique as yourself.That's why we provide you with a tool that allows you to model and plan the budgets of your business as it makes real sense for YOU and monitor your business performance with the same framework.
If you need your business plan to be “transcribed” into a cashflow plan or your small business to run smoothly ....ridgebone is the backbone of your venture when it comes to numbers
You are not alone
We are a service company. More than we are a software company.  
With ridgebone you are never alone. From setting up your framework to double check your plan and analyze your actual numbers.  
Personal support from professionals is just an e-mail or online-meeting away.  
ridgebone is built on a vision

of a small team based in Austria, Europe:

providing sleek yet powerful tools and professional services also, and above all, to small businesses and solopreneurs.
We advocate the notion, that there is a fine but essential difference between doable and feasible. While doabilty is answered by strategic, creative and innovative thinking, numbers show the feasibility.  
Entrepreneurship, as promoted by ridgebone, is the combination of both. In balance in reciprocity