Privacy and Data Protection Policies

We respect your privacy and handles your data as if it was our own and are committed to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

VALQUAS will collect, process, store and share your personal and other data obtained during the processes and interactions with you only to the extend and with the sole purpose to enable us providing the commissioned services and to deliver the promised functionality and values.

Usually, data is directly provided by yourself and you shall explicitly agree to the handling in accordance to our policies.

In the case that we collect or process data that has not been directly provided by yourself, such as information obtained when using Cookies or analytic tools, you shall have the option to deliberately and consciously give or deny your consent.

You shall further have the option to deliberately and consciously give or deny your consent to use your E-Mail address for receiving information that is not indispensable to fulfill the commissioned services.

We only share your data with third parties for the purpose set out with the commission, if this is necessary to provide the requested services or process your payment. The provisions about third parties in our General Terms then apply analogously. Please be advised, that certain conditions may force us to provide corresponding authorities and regulators access to your data.

Where appropriate, we will provide a secure transmission of your data using SSL-Technology, which encrypts your data while transmitted to our Servers. Please be advised, that this can not replace to undertake additional security measures to prevent data breach and data theft resulting from penetration of manipulation of hard- and software at your end.

Data and information that you provide in chatrooms, e-mails or any other digital communication channels other than covered with our policies are beyond our influence and thus cannot be protected by our efforts.

Please be advised, that we will never contact you in any other way than through our secure and official channels (normally using the domain and/or Please refrain from providing any personal data in case of any doubt. Never provide personal data or information in chatrooms and never provide payment information outside the secure environment of our payment systems.

You have the right to receive information about what data we have collected, processed, stored and/or shared after appropriate authentication to verify your identity and with it your access rights to this information and the underlying data.

You also have the right to demand the total deletion of your data. With complying to this demand, however, we will no further be able to perform our services to you. The commission period and its corresponding payment will not be affected in the event that we have to stop our services on your request.

For the rest, the legal regulations and our General Terms apply.