Online. Bespoke. For You.


During public beta phase of our online-tool, we gladly offer and encourage you to schedule a personal walkthrough. Free of charge.
Schedule a free Walkthrough to find out if ridgbone is for you.

Get help setting up

As a paid service, we are looking forward to support you in setting up your framework and plan the respective budgets with you. Side by side.
We formulated this support as a service based on the believe, that handling a tool should never take the focus away from the purpose it is supposed to serve.
We will walk you to the point from which you can focus on your numbers and make a plan that adds up.
Schedule an Onboarding Session to get started the most comfortable and focus on your numbers.

Learn to get the most out of your tool

If you are more experienced with web-applications and consider ridgebone intuitive enough to do the set up on your own, then you might want to schedule a shorter session with a service professional in order to double check your set up and to show you the tricks and tweaks there are in order to maximize the experience and value of ridgbone.
Schedule a Feedback Session to double check your plan and its underlying assumptions.

Utilize our experience

We gladly offer you our experience in analyzing your numbers and summarizing the story they tell.
Putting bottlenecks and opportunities into the spotlight Helping you to asking the right questions and finding feasable answers.
We are ready to walk with you the whole way. Side by side.
Schedule an Analyzing Session to get the most out of ridgbone.