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What is planned to happen when – and does it add up

Respectively what did happen when and how can you ensure best (cashflow) performance.


ridgebone is built to allow you modelling your budgets based on your individual needs. YOU create the framework of your numbers.


Just looking at the annual totals can be dangerously misleading. Only if you look at the “what” throughout the (monthly) timeline you can make sure it works out. ridgebone allows you to plan bottom up. Month by month.

Does it add up

As a result, you have all your numbers at a glance. Aggregated in a master table. Visualized with charts. Ready to drill down to more detailed information. And above all, you will see if it really adds up. Month by month. Every month.

Where am I standing

Maintaining the corresponding ledger, ridgebone allows you to see where you are actually standing and how your venture is performing compared to your plans and previous years.

Find your answers with ridgbone.

With our common sense-based approach, ridgebone is just the right tool to budget and monitor YOUR venture.

We are in Open Beta Phase

A tool made for you cannot be done without you. Thus, we gladly bring ridgbone to you free of charge during Open Beta Phase … being grateful for your feedback and suggestions.
Signing Up during Open Beta Phase gives you and 4 additional users free access to ridgebone for 360 days. Please understand, however: Open Beta means, that not everything might always work smoothly and that there might be the one or other thing we simply didn’t get right yet.
We are devoted to create the most effective tools and provide the best services to you.  

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